Cutting-Edge Surgery

Santa FE Surgery Center LLC in Lady Lake, FL offers leading-edge surgical solutions in an outpatient setting, for patients with a broad range of medical conditions. From our ophthalmologists to our podiatrists, we are privileged to have a seasoned staff who have a highly successful record in the operating room.


Here at Santa Fe Surgery Center, we have a clear solution to your vision. Our facility offers a number of services including laser cataract procedures, glaucoma treatments, and corneal transplants.

Our cataract surgeons are among the top of their field and are in the top 1 percent in terms of skill. They not only constantly keep up with new techniques, but they also take great strides to further optimize the procedures they perform. Furthermore, they constantly bring innovation to their practice with revolutionary products and technological advances.


Our podiatrists are capable of diagnosing and treating a variety of foot and ankle issues. We’ll relieve those painful and irritating bunions, hammertoes, and neuromas. We also perform joint replacement surgery and remove lesions as well as foreign bodies.

Pain Management

We also offer several pain management solutions such as steroid injections, spinal cord stimulator trials, and radiofrequency ablations.


Santa Fe Surgery Center also specializes in surgical and reconstructive procedures that deal with the orbits, eyelids, and tear ducts. Our oculoplastic surgery includes eyelid surgeries and eyebrow lifts.

General Surgery

We perform a wide gamut of general surgery procedures such as providing stimulators for incontinence, arteriovenous (AV) fistula repairs, as well as diverse treatments for skin lumps and bumps.

Whether you need a minor joint operation or a life-changing cataract surgery, you will be in the hands of dependable surgery and perioperative care professionals.
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